Evolution or Revolution?

It’s time.

Time for innovation.

Years ago, we saw what was possible, and offered it to the industry.

Most couldn’t imagine what we saw.

“It will be too expensive.”

“It will take too long.”

“It is impossible.”

They  told us they couldn’t do it.

They were right.

And those who did re-imagine the energy rating industry…

Went out and built the professional alternative to RESNET®.

The HouseRater™ team built the necessary technology to bring the vision to fruition.

We built a Quality Management System based on international standards.

In 2021, when we discovered what each other had done, we worked together to make both our tools better.

Synergy kicked it into overdrive, under the guidance of our Quality Council.

We underwent the acid test for quality management in the industry.

We passed that test.

We received that recognition.

We hold to a higher standard because we are different.

Some say evolutionary.

We say revolutionary.


Our Policies

We created our Quality Council to oversee our policies, processes, and procedures. They have the legal obligation to inform our  customers and stakeholders if we don’t do what we say we will.

Our code of ethics applies to everyone. Not only our clients, their employees and sub-contractors, but also to us.

Our  ENERGY STAR® and ERI certifications scopes of operations clarify what we do.

We assess conformity with what our clients agreed to, and nothing else.

That’s right. As quality management professionals, we know the difference between “compliance” and “conformance”. Industry standards are voluntary unless imposed by a law. Quality management on those standards is on conformance, not compliance.

Our clients disclose their secondary interests . In the public interest, we post those on our website for transparency.

Impartiality and objectivity are core to proper quality management. These are in our contracts and apply to everyone, especially us.

Our publicly available information is easy to find on our website.

Because our system is revolutionary, we use a different language to describe what we mean. The language of professional quality management.

And we hold our clients accountable to perform what they’ve agreed to in our contract. With the general requirements of secondary interest disclosure, impartiality and independence, and confidentiality.

Professional quality management understands the purpose is to build better businesses. Our clients agree to structural requirements that reduce risk and improve operations.

We know you need to protect your people, facilities and equipment, and sub-contractors. Our clients prove that through our resource requirements.

Quality management professionals know the purpose is to improve the process.

Is That Revolutionary?

All that is evolutionary change. In the words of quality management legend W. Edwards Deming, “It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.”

What makes our Quality Management System revolutionary?

We built a Quality Management System for the energy rating industry from the ground up. One based on international standards for quality management. Standards proven to work around the world for energy inspections.

We eliminated the concept of Providers.

We realize that puts more work onto us, but to ensure consistency it is necessary.

No more differences between software tools…

No more differences in quality management oversight…

No more differences in certification training…

All solved with a simple solution. Treat the cause, not the symptom. We need one vision.

To make this cost-effective, we leverage technology.

HouseRater integrates the EnergyPlus calculation engine and verification documentation into a single tool.

Built-in quality control checks signal the quality management professionals for an intervention.

Not to punish, to improve.

HouseRater can also schedule verifications and communicate the findings straight from the field.

Real-time updates speed up the data flow so you can meet your builder demands faster.

With built-in data integrity checks and a quality management dashboard, your quality management team (and ours) can spend their time where it’s needed, not where it’s wasted (up to 60% time saved!). We use probability statistics from international standards so your business can scale.

This integrated system makes your work better and your lives easier.

You can see the configuration of the Reference and Rated Homes so you know the software does what it’s supposed to.

HouseRater is the ONLY tool to pass the ENERGY STAR software test AND meet the tighter acceptance criteria of ASHRAE Std 140. 

Faithful implementation of Std 301 equations produce defensible and usable outputs for your builder’s environmental claims.

This Quality Management System is not evolutionary, it’s revolutionary.

Revolutionary trust…transparency…consistency…quality…speed…professionalism.

The energy rating industry, re-imagined.

After 30 years, you finally have a choice.

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The Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co., the professional Quality Management Organization for the energy rating industry.

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