Building Science Institute is the professional alternative to RESNET®

BSI’s home energy rating system is recognized by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR® Home Certification Organization (HCO), and by the Department of Energy as a National Home Certification Organization for Zero Energy Ready Home.

About Us​

Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. is a Quality Management Organization designed from the ground up to bring professional quality management standards to the home energy rating system industry.

Our clients are verification companies that perform code compliance, Energy Rating Index (ERI) ratings, ENERGY STAR®, Indoor airPlus, and Zero Energy Ready Home certifications.

After working with us, our clients experience higher profitability, increased productivity, and higher employee engagement.

Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Your credibility drives customer loyalty.
What if you used a proven, common-sense approach?

One that is based on international standards developed by quality professionals? One that can free up to 60% of the time wasted on useless activities by your internal quality team?

Time they can invest in improving your business. Improvements that matter.

That’s what our Quality Management System does. Our Quality Management System is based on ISO 19011 and ISO 17020. Those numbers might not mean anything to you, but if you take a look at how our system works

You’ll see the difference.


You know your company needs to respond to changing market conditions quickly.
You also know that bureaucracy gets in the way.
You shouldn’t be forced to create bureaucratic systems in your company.

That’s why the Building Science Institute eliminated bureaucracy…

This frees you to focus on improving your business, not enforcing more rules.

You can focus on the right things…

While we provide the structure for you to act based on insights.

And the freedom to innovate.

This helps you build a better energy rating business.

Professional Services

Business Support

You get access to weekly Zoom calls with other energy rating business leaders who are there to support each other and provide you a different perspective. All facilitated by us…

You get marketing pieces you can customize, from flyers to emails. Or we can do the customization for you if you want at no additional charge.

You get a weekly email on what’s going on and how you can improve your marketing efforts…from a trained marketer, not some bloody amateur.

You want to have a business that thrives, not just survives. We are here to help you do that through our benchmarking performance gap assessments. You get the help you want to build a better business. After all, that is the point of professional Quality Management Systems!

Training & Certification

Employees today search for employers who provide access to training that yields professional growth…and we deliver! Plus, we add new courses to the Building Science Education catalog…all to enhance your ability to attract and keep the talent needed in today’s volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous environment. Most of these courses are delivered asynchronously online, which totally eliminates travel costs and are in convenient modules that make it easy to squeeze into a busy schedule. And they’re entertraining—fun and educational!

Quality Management

You know exactly what we do in our 9 layers of Quality Management (most of which happens behind the scenes, but we think you ought to know anyway). As we’ve said, transparency creates trust, and trust creates speed in getting the right things done.

You get 1 field assessment per Verifier per year (unless a problem crops up) and file reviews based on statistically significant sample sizes…this cuts down on the time wasted doing useless work.
You get a clear, concise, complete and accurate record of our annual organizational conformity assessment.

If you have any disagreement with our performance gap report, you get the last word in it…unedited. We think it’s fair to have both sides of the story told.

For any questions or training in the building industry, my go-to folks are over at Building Science Institute (BSI). Their expertise is vast, and I can rest easy knowing that the information I receive from them is accurate and reliable. Any time I reach out with questions or concerns, they are very responsive, and they operate with integrity. The most valuable tool I have in my toolbox is the Building Science Institute as a resource for building science, building code, quality control, and training staff.

Melissa Brewer, Water & Energy Efficiency Services Team Leader, Plummer, Inc.

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