Indoor airPlus

As an EPA-recognized ENERGY STAR® Home Certification Organization, the Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. (BSI) also provides Quality Management oversight for the EPA Indoor airPlus program.

What is Indoor airPlus?

Indoor airPlus is a voluntary labeling program for new home construction that requires construction practices and product specifications that improve the quality of indoor air.

This additional labeling program layers on top of the ENERGY STAR program requirements with additional construction specifications to control moisture, selection & installation of HVAC systems, combustion venting systems, radon-resistant construction strategies, and the use of low pollutant-emitting building materials.

Indoor airPLUS

What are the Indoor airPlus program requirements?

The home or multifamily building must be designed to be certified under the ENERGY STAR Single Family New Construction or Multi Family New Construction programs.

The builder, who must be an Indoor airPlus partner, must also include design and construction features to protect the home’s occupants from moisture, mold, pests, combustion gases, and other airborne pollutants. These are included in the Indoor airPlus Specifications.

Before the home can earn the Indoor airPlus label, it has to be inspected by an independent 3rd party verifier to ensure compliance with the Indoor airPlus program requirements.

That’s where BSI enters the picture. Our clients are 3rd party verifiers who verify compliance with energy code and program requirements, while we provide quality management oversight on their work to ensure the integrity of the Quality Management System and programs developed by the EPA and DOE.