How to Become a Client

As you may have figured out, we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Or glass of whiskey…or shot of tequila.

We don’t want everyone to become a client.

Those companies who want to thrive in an environment based on trust, accountability, and transparency…they’re a good fit.

Companies who know that real quality improvements come from process improvements, not from finding bad apples, they’re a good fit.

Companies who want consistency, to be treated fairly, who have integrity…they’re a good fit.

Companies who enjoy the thrill of dealing with costly complicatedness, who like being treated like a mushroom (KITDFOS), who love inconsistency…they’re NOT a good fit.

And life’s too short to do business with people who don’t get along.

We have a process to help sort all of this out.

Along the way, you may change your mind. We may change our mind.

And that’s OK because it is better to change our minds now…instead of after we’ve committed to obligations.

Step 1: Verification Organization Application

That’s right. You’ll need to complete an application for your company. Not everyone will make it past this point, and if we don’t think your company is a good fit, we’ll tell you why. We want to know things about who you are, what you do, and some other details that will help us with…

Step 2: A Meeting of the Minds

We’ll arrange to have a conversation with you. One where you’ll tell us a bit about yourself, we’ll tell you a bit about us, and we’ll discover what you want and you’ll discover what we can do for you. This is where we talk price – as our pricing is all customized to the individual company. We’ll come to a verbal agreement on what both of us need for this relationship to work, and follow that up with…

Step 3: A Proposal

No, we won’t drop to one knee and pull out a shiny bauble from our pocket. We will summarize what we’ve already agreed to and send it over for your review and signature. Once you’ve reviewed and signed, we’ll counter-sign and you’ll get a copy of the document with both our signatures on it. I know, you’re not used to that…but that’s the way professionals handle these things, and it leads to…

Step 4: A Contract

Once we’ve both signed the proposal, we’ll build your contract. It will include the bits from where our minds met, and all the obligations we have, you have, and we jointly have. That’s right, you get a copy of the things we’re obligated to do…because one-sided “agreements” are bullshit and don’t really stand up to legal scrutiny. And it isn’t fair to you for us to reference documents that may change without your consent, and for us to enforce as part of your “contract” those things you didn’t even have a chance to look at. There are some things we won’t change, like our policies, processes, and procedures, because doing that would be unfair to our other clients and would create an unlevel playing field. And we don’t really want to do business with people who want to be unfair, regardless of how much money they are willing to pay us. When you’ve reviewed the contract and signed it, we’ll counter-sign it and you’ll get a copy of the document with both our signatures. This prepares you for…

Step 5: On-Boarding

Our on-boarding process includes putting your company in our system as a client and getting your verification employees in our system. They need to fill out a Verifier Application that provides some information about them and their certifications. We’ll review the application and verify their current credentials to map them over to ours. We’ll identify any required training they’ll need and how long they’ll have to get it, and some folks may not make the cut. If we find a discrepancy, we want a conversation. If we discover that someone has deliberately lied on the application, they just earned a short trip to nowhere land with us. We don’t want to do business with dishonest people (what sane professional would?)…and we will have a conversation with you. We’ll brief your team on how we do things, what our expectations are, and go over our obligations that we’ve legally committed to. And provide training in our software…

Step 6: Profit!

We wish it were that easy, but this isn’t a business of underwear stealing elves in South Park. We will work with you over the course of our contract to help you build a better business through quality management, a business that is more productive, profitable, and provides you a life and not just a living. We will do our part…and you’ll have to do yours.

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