What You Need to Know

We know you face change every day. Homebuilding always evolves to meet homebuyer demands the most cost-effective way.

The work you do as a homebuilder has a huge impact on the lives of your homeowners.

You provide them a place of shelter from the storms of nature and life. A place of tranquility and comfort, a place to create a family and build their dreams.

The home you build becomes a source of wealth for them.

And while you do that, you also build planet-saving performance.

You hire our clients to help you do that.

Our clients verify your homes meet or exceed the energy code requirements. They also help you build better homes at a lower cost.

You know that builders who don’t adapt to changing market conditions often don’t survive.

Our clients are here to help you thrive.

To help you continue to build better homes.

To help you continue to build a better homebuilding business.

A business that delivers you a quality life.

Our clients have changed to a new Quality Management System. The Building Science Institute (BSI), instead of the Residential Energy Services Network, Inc.

What does that mean for you?

Our clients will still deliver great service and value to you.

Our clients will still do the code compliance work you need.

Our clients will still deliver the reports, labels, and certificates you need.

Our clients will still deliver the ENERGY STAR® program to you if you are an ENERGY STAR partner.

The EPA ENERGY STAR program approved BSI as a Home Certification Organization (HCO).

BSI had to change to a software tool that passes the stringent ENERGY STAR Software Test. In fact, our software is currently the only software tool to pass that test. The software approved by Residential Energy Services Network, Inc. was grandfathered in for their approval as the first HCO.

BSI’s software uses EnergyPlus developed by the Department of Energy. This is the calculation engine at the core of our software.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) maintains EnergyPlus. They update it twice a year.

This reduces the frequency of changes to your Index numbers.

The Residential Energy Services Network, Inc. owns the trademarked term HERS™ Index. We use the term “Energy Rating Index”. The same ANSI standard governs both.

EnergyPlus includes cutting edge research from the Building America program.

EnergyPlus implements the equations required to produce an Index. This rewards your efforts to build better homes. Without fudging calculations to get lower numbers.

You don’t need to be different from your competitors— you need to be distinct. 

When you hire our clients, you have the best qualified energy rater on your side. One that uses the best software tool to help you build better homes.

You can also get customized reports. Reports that help you make better decisions.

One more thing…

Because the software has advanced AI, our clients can get their work to you faster.




That’s what this change means for you.

Why should you trust BSI?

We created BSI based on decades of experience in residential construction. Our founder is a 4th generation homebuilder. In the energy rating industry, he worked at every level from Rater to Chair of the ANSI Standards Development Committee (2012-2017). This committee produced the Energy Rating Index calculation and performance testing standards.

We are members of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). This organization is the ANSI partner for Quality standards.

We went through a more rigorous review by the EPA.  Our system is different than Residential Energy Services Network, Inc’s. We based our system on Quality Management standards proven to work around the world. Standards first created in 1998— although we use the latest versions!

Our clients prove their competence to become certified. You can have the benefit of their greater expertise.

Expertise that delivers you the best advice in the market.

Our mission is to help our clients build a better energy rating business.  They can help you build planet-saving performance into your homes.


Our software tool provide Energy Rating Index values consistent with Std 301. Our built-in feedback loops help your raters do better work.

HouseRater has over 300 data reasonability checks built in. IF someone makes a mistake, HouseRater alerts the quality professionals. They perform an intervention to discover the cause of your rater’s choice.

Our robust system ensures greater consistency in the field data collection. And in the software analysis.

The only calculation engine we use is the EnergyPlus calculation engine. 

This solves the problem of inconsistent software outputs. The energy rating industry has been unable to solve this since 2012 and…

We did.

Our Quality Management professionals perform a gap analysis on our rating company clients. This conformance review provides insight into performance gaps.

This creates a level playing field for you and your raters. And it eliminates inconsistent quality management across the different rating companies you hire.

You aren’t exposed to the risk of variations in Index values caused by different tool.

You aren’t exposed to the risk of variations caused by inconsistent raters.

You aren’t exposed to the risk of variations caused by inconsistent quality oversight.

Consistent software outputs, workflows, quality oversight…

No one else does that for you…

We do.

What else do you want?


Our robust Quality Management System has 9 layers of quality built into it.

Level One answers the question “Is the work done?” through the structured workflow process embedded in HouseRater.

Level Two answers the question “Is the work complete?” through the review by a Software Analyst of the data collected in HouseRater by a Verifier.

Level Three answers the question “Does they know what data to collect and document?” because missing data signals the quality professionals.

Level Four answers the question “Is the data reasonable?” since HouseRater makes validation checks on over 300 elements depending on as-built features. 

Level Five answers the question “Is the data unreasonable?” because HouseRater signals the quality professionals if a red-flagged item is over-ridden.

Level Six answers the question “Can the home earn certification as ENERGY STAR?” since a quality professional must review each project’s dashboard. This is also done for projects that use the ERI.

Level Seven answers the question “Does the process work?” when the Quality Assessor reviews a selected sample of files through HouseRater.

They choose the sample size through probability statistics. We use the ISO standard on sampling for inspections for that.

Level Eight answers the question “Are they performing the correct procedures?” through annual observations of them performing their work by the Quality Management team.

Level Nine answers the question “Does they conform with their contractual obligations?” since our Quality Management professionals perform an annual performance gap assessment.

Our rating company clients must make this assessment report available to you.

No one else does that for you…

We do.


The documentation you need shows up faster. And with higher levels of confidence that it is an accurate representation of the home you built.


Because we leverage technology to make your rater’s work better. 

With built-in reports generated during their inspections and tests and…

Automated quality control checks with human oversight and…

Targeted interventions when needed.

Plus the sampling review based on probability statistics straight from ISO standards. 

No one else does that for you…

We do.


Above all else, you can trust the Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. Quality Management System.

We’ve met every need the EPA ENERGY STAR® New Homes program has. We are an EPA-recognized Home Certification Organization (HCO).

This was not an easy task. Our innovative system went under more scrutiny. Why? Because we are different from the only other recognized HCO, RESNET®.

Our software tool, HouseRater™, uses the EnergyPlus calculation engine. The Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory develops EnergyPlus. This calculation engine generates the outputs for HouseRater. Your raters generate the inputs through HouseRater. You get streamlined efficiency and consistency.

EnergyPlus passes the tighter acceptance criteria for the ASHRAE Std 140 test. HouseRater is the only software tool on the market to pass the tough ENERGY STAR software test. You have confidence in the accuracy of our software tool.

The calculation engine has implemented the equations in Std. 301. The outputs are defensible, especially if used for ESG reporting to investors and the SEC.

Our Quality Management System is overseen by our Quality Council. The Council members must review and approve all our policies, processes, and procedures.

The Quality Council must inform our stakeholders and customers if we don’t perform. And we put that into our contracts with our clients, so it is enforceable in the legal system.

We built our policies, processes, and procedures on international standards for quality.

Standards such as ISO 17020 and ISO 19011. 

Industry standards such as Stds. 301, 380, & 310. 

Program requirements for ENERGY STAR New Homes. 

You have confidence our system works.

We are members of the American Society for Quality. This organization is the ANSI partner for quality standards.

Not only do we hold the work your raters do to a higher standard, we are also held to a higher standard.

And that seems fair to us.

No one else does that for you.

We do.


We provide transparency through the HouseRater software. We have full insight into your rater’s work, so we can help them improve the work they do for you.

Our clients disclose any secondary interest that may cause conflicts. We post that disclosure on our website so everyone knows.

Every year we perform a conformity assessment with our clients. This ensures they conform with the standards referenced in our contract.

They must provide you that final annual conformity report. We will post it on our website with their permission during the first 3 year contract period, and after that…

It gets posted.

That way, you know the quality of the people you hire to do your energy rating work.

Your subcontractors can upload needed reports into HouseRater. This allows your  raters to do their jobs better.

Your subcontractors can make everyone’s life a little bit easier, especially yours.

Re-inspections because the job wasn’t ready can be a thing of the past if your subcontractors do their part.

You can get reports on the quality of the work performed by the subcontractors. Now you know who is doing a good job for you…and who isn’t.

No one else does that for you…

We do.


The advantages you have been asking for all these years are finally here.

Consistency, quality, speed, trust, and transparency.

No one else does that for you.

We do.


Because we are the professional Quality Management Organization for the energy rating industry.

Finally you have a choice.

Ask your raters if they are clients of the Building Science Institute. 

If they aren’t, remember you have more choices.


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