Our energy rater clients get the help they need to build better businesses. 

BSI re-imagined the energy rating industry and built a new model.

One without Providers.

We provide consistent training for your new hires for free.

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Our hybrid approach is proven to work.

When you need to know if someone can do the job, you put them up against the job the’ve been trained to do and see what happens.

That’s why field training and mentoring is critical.

Not computer games.

Unless the job is playing computer games…

In which case, you shouldn’t be here.

We know lifelong learners outperform their peers in the quality of work they do. It turns out, what they learn isn’t nearly as important as the fact they learn.

We celebrate that.

You can get your CEUs from us for free…

Or from someone else.

We just want to know you invest in yourself with the time and effort to learn something.

We know you need to attract and keep the best talent you can afford to hire.

We make it easier for you to do that.

And less expensive.

And all you have to do is fill out this form to discover how we can help you build a better business.

After all, we are the professional Quality Management Organization for the energy rating industry!