Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) will be hosting a conference in Anchorage, AK from February 21 to 22, 2024, at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown. Make sure you save the date!

Several sessions will be presented by Connor Dillon, our Quality Manager. These sessions will focus on the improvements needed to meet ENERGY STAR®, best practices for builders and raters, and what it takes toearn the new version of the 45L Builder Tax Credit.

Keep an eye on AHFC’s website for updates and registration!

We know our clients are not cattle.

We don’t own them, and they don’t exist for us to milk them dry.

Our clients love us because we love them.

We treat them with dignity, respect, and care.

We talk with them, not at them.

We help them build better home energy rating businesses.

They appreciate our organization, integrity, commitment, and transparency.

Isn’t it time you were treated that way?

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Don’t think we’re worth the effort?

Ed disagrees.

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Take the time to listen to this #edificecomplexpodcast episode, featuring our GM, Brett Dillon. You’ll hear it cover things from energy efficiency metrics, ASHRAE, and more.

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The 4 Things You Need to Do

After several years of research on over 100,000 employees around the world, the researchers came to a startling conclusion.

One based on evidence, not instinct.

There are only 4 things that can reliably predict whether an employee is engaged at work.

Whether they are likely to stay or start looking for something else.

Just 4.

1. Use Your Strengths Every Day

Contrary to popular opinion, your strengths aren’t those those things you are really good at.

Your strengths are those tasks that you enjoy doing.

While you do them, you get into a state of flow and time seems to disappear.

After you’re done doing them, you can’t wait to do them again.

And you only need to do these tasks 20% of your daily time.

Naturally, if you’re rubbish at doing them…

No one will pay you for doing them.

So you have to get good, scrub!

The other 80% of your time is spent doing the work that must get done.

2. Know What’s Expected of You at Work

When you know what is expected of you, the contribution you are expected to make, you become engaged with your work.

You begin to work toward the goals you set to accomplish your mission.

It turns out that goals are best set by the people who have to do the work. Not by the people who manage them.

Or lead them.

Leaders cascade meaning down through the organization. What the intended outcome should be. What the purpose is.

Managers create the framework for action, following the leader’s intent.

This framework sets the expectations for your actions.

You set your own goals to make all that happen.

Their job is to supply you the resources you need to get the job done. And make sure you keep the reason for doing what you do in front of you. The company’s reason and…

Your reason.

A good manager will get those aligned.

3. Have Someone at Work Who Cares About You

You need someone at work who cares about you as a whole person.

You aren’t a cog in a machine.

You are a human becoming better.

You have a life, one that includes work, family, friends, recreation, health…

There’s more to you than just what you do for a life.

A good leader incorporates this into the strategy.

A good manager coaches this at least once a week.

A battle buddy supports you in the daily grind.

You’ve got this because they’ve got your 6.

4. You Are Unique

A good team isn’t made up of people who are all the same.

It’s made up of people who are unique.

Who bring their unique strengths and spikiness to the effort.

A good leader understands this.

A good manager helps shape the team, not by pruning out the things that make you unique.

By recruiting team members who bring their own unique spikes to the team to have all the capabilities demanded by the mission.

When you are recognized for becoming you, you become part of the tribe.

Everyone has a role to play.

Everyone contributes their unique capabilities to the cause.

That’s how high-performing teams are built.

That’s why talented people stay.

What Does This Have to Do With Quality Management?


The purpose of quality management is to create quality improvements.

The purpose of quality improvements is to build a better business.

As quality professionals, BSI understands this.


Our expertise goes beyond the technical standards.

Beyond building science.

Beyond teaching and training people how to do the work.

Over the past couple of years, our clients have gained the benefit of our full expertise.

  • Like the 3 business models they can choose…
  • The 4 components of business discipline…
  • The huge problem with outcome-based goals and what to do instead…
  • How to craft your value propositions…
  • How to use a 2×2 grid to determine buyer involvement and how to capitalize on that…
  • The 3 goals of value communications and the 2 things you need to execute…
  • The 7 non-economic factors and 7 emotions that you can use to make more profit…
  • How to discover your purpose in life…and business…
  • How to become distinct in the marketplace and build better client relationships…
  • The 2 psychological levers to pull to overcome price sensitivity of clients…
  • When to strategically use “FREE”…
  • How to raise prices in an economic downturn AND keep clients…
  • How to determine when to quit doing something…
  • How to fire clients…
  • How to prepare for the death of a loved one…
  • How to develop a business continuity plan, with templates…
  • How to identify your market…
  • What to do instead of annual performance reviews…
  • And much, much more.

That’s what our clients experience.

And after working with us, they have better businesses.

That’s the BSI advantage.

And all you have to do to discover what we can do for your energy rating business is complete this application.

Our clients trust us to help them build better energy rating businesses.

Trust we’ve built together, brick by brick.

The bricks of experience and expertise.

We do what we must, even if it eventually costs a leg…flying across country to do field QA with a broken foot because that’s what the rules required at the time…

We’ve proven time and again we deliver.

That’s how we earn trust.

From training & certification to quality management, we help our clients build businesses that are more productive, profitable, and based on common sense.

And internationally-recognized standards…

And software that makes their work better and their lives easier.

They trust us…

And you can too.

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When we re-imagined the energy rating industry and built an innovative business model, we realized the concept of Providers needed to go away.

That delivery model has proven to create more problems than it solved…

Multiple software tools that deliver different answers…

Multiple training companies that deliver wildly different levels of competence…

Multiple “quality assurance” companies that deliver huge variations of “quality” to the industry, often within the same company…

You don’t have to look far to see that model isn’t just broken…

It’s shattered.

All of that has a direct impact on the credibility of the industry.

Your credibility.

And your credibility drives customer loyalty.

What if you used a proven, common-sense approach?

One that is based on international standards developed by quality professionals?

One that can free up to 60% of the time wasted on useless activities by your internal quality team?

Time they can invest in improving your business.

Improvements that matter.

That’s what our Quality Management System does.

Our Quality Management System is based on ISO 19011 and ISO 17020.

Those numbers might not mean anything to you, but if you take a look at how our system works

You’ll see the difference.

The difference between well-meaning amateurs and professionals.

Go ahead…

Fill out this form to discover how you can become a client of ours.

Does your energy rating company want higher productivity and profitability?

How much time is wasted on the job site or in the office writing reports?

How much time is wasted complying with “regulations” that don’t make sense?

Or trying to figure out which software tool is going to give the best answer for this home?

Or dealing with “Providers” who tell you conflicting information?

BSI re-imagined the energy rating industry.

One without RESNET’s® structure of software providers.

And rating providers.

An energy rating industry business model based on common sense and proven international standards.

I know how their system works.

I chaired the old Technical Committee and SDC 300, the technical committee responsible for the first 2 editions of 301 and the first edition of 380.

I served on their Board of Directors, even on their Executive Committee.

I served on their Standards Management Board.

Before any of that, I served on the Training & Education Committee.

I’ve been a working Rater, managed and owned energy rating businesses, and worked as a QAD and a Trainer, both internally and as a contractor.

The whole time, I kept asking, “How can we make this system better?”

I interviewed industry folks.

I looked at other industries.

I wrote papers on our ideas, published them and distributed them widely.

I argued for better governance.

I fought for common sense.

At the end of my last term as a Board member, I knew I had to stop. The organizational resistance inside was too high.

I didn’t run for re-election.

I tried to get out of the industry.

But I couldn’t abandon my friends and clients.

After 3 1/2 years, we decided to build the system that delivers common sense quality management.

It took us 8 months to get it recognized by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR Home Certification Organization.

Our system of Quality Management is designed to generate improvements to your energy rating business.

That is the purpose of Quality Management.

Our clients grant us the authority to do what we do through our contracts. Contracts that explicitly state what our obligations are, what their obligations are, and what our joint obligations are.

Our Quality Management System is based on ISO standards.

As members of the American Society for Quality, the ANSI partner for Quality standards, we are the professional Quality Management Organization.

Our policies guide our processes which are based on our procedures.

This nested system eliminates waste and conflicting requirements.

We use probability statistics to determine how many projects get reviewed. This allows your business to scale. The more you do, the lower your costs.

We help you build a better business.

One that is more productive, one with higher profitability.

One that brings clarity out of the confusion.

Clarity for builders through the use of a single calculation engine, EnergyPlus developed and maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

That calculation engine faithfully implements the actual equations in Std 301.

The outputs meet the tighter acceptance criteria proposed by RESNET® for their software tools. Criteria they haven’t been able to implement yet…

A calculation engine that gets updated twice a year.

No more random updates that cause swings in the Index.

No more trying to explain to builders why.

No more trying to figure out which software tool to use on this house.

Our Quality Management System is designed to prevent people from making mistakes.

With advanced AI that performs over 300 data validation checks in real-time, and structured (and customizable) workflows, our system helps raters do a better job.

And do it faster.

Most of our clients experience up to 30 minutes saved because of this.

Our software lets them know if they’ve forgotten something.

It auto generates customizable reports for the builder and code officials.

It modifies the projected rating in real time based on field verifications.

No more wasted time shifting data from field inspections to rating.

No more opportunities for data to be “mishandled” accidentally.

These time savings alone are significant.

You may wonder, “But where does RESNET® fit in?”

In our system, they publish the ANSI standards for the energy rating industry. Standards that cover how the Energy Rating Index is calculated, and how certain tests are performed.

Outside of that, they don’t fit in our system.

They aren’t the regulatory body for the industry.

They appointed themselves to that role.

But that’s not how it works in the real world.

We don’t mind if you play in both systems.

It is our mission to help you build a better business.

Our one priority.

You are the hero in our world. Not us. We’re just here to help.

Click here to find out how you can improve your business.

Or you can fill out this form to get more information.

For the first time in almost 30 years, you have a choice.

PLEASE NOTE: Any use of “RESNET®” or other registered trademarks by Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. does not indicate ownership, sponsorship, or endorsement by the registered trademark owners. Any use of registered trademarks falls under informational, editorial, or comparative use.

What if your energy rating organization had flexibility to respond to changing conditions in the market?

BSI re-imagined the energy rating industry and built an innovative business model.

One that provides you the structure you need to act with insight.

One that provides you the freedom to innovate.

One that provides your internal quality team the tools they need to focus on improving your business.

You know enforcing more rules won’t stop rule breakers.

It will stop innovation and creativity.

It creates a climate of fear.

First, drive out all fear.

W. Edwards Deming

You need flexibility to adapt to changing markets, and structure to reinforce and improve processes.

That’s why we designed our business model to focus on the one thing Quality Management was created for:

Quality improvements to the process.

Improvements that help you build a better business.

A business that delivers quality to your life.

Click here for more information.

Our energy rater clients get the help they need to build better businesses. 

BSI re-imagined the energy rating industry and built a new model.

One without Providers.

We provide consistent training for your new hires for free.

To find out how we can help you, fill out this form.

Our hybrid approach is proven to work.

When you need to know if someone can do the job, you put them up against the job the’ve been trained to do and see what happens.

That’s why field training and mentoring is critical.

Not computer games.

Unless the job is playing computer games…

In which case, you shouldn’t be here.

We know lifelong learners outperform their peers in the quality of work they do. It turns out, what they learn isn’t nearly as important as the fact they learn.

We celebrate that.

You can get your CEUs from us for free…

Or from someone else.

We just want to know you invest in yourself with the time and effort to learn something.

We know you need to attract and keep the best talent you can afford to hire.

We make it easier for you to do that.

And less expensive.

And all you have to do is fill out this form to discover how we can help you build a better business.

After all, we are the professional Quality Management Organization for the energy rating industry!

Fill out this form to discover how the professional Quality Management Organization for the energy rating industry can help you!

We re-imagined the energy rating industry and built an innovative business model.

We eliminated the concept of “Providers” because that business model structure creates inconsistency.

Our Quality Management System reduces the requirements on your internal team of quality professionals, if you have them. If you don’t, we’ll provide those services directly to you. No more middle-men…

We use probability statistics and advanced AI so you can scale your business cost-effectively. The only sustainable source of profit is to lower your costs.

Our Quality Management System is based on international standards proven to work around the world since 1998. Although we use the latest versions…after all, who wants to be stuck in the past?

We know you need to attract and keep talent. That’s why our system delivers free training and competency-based certification to our clients. If you aren’t part of our tribe, you’ll have to pay for it…

Our Quality Management System saves up to 60% of the time spent on quality management activities. That’s because, weirdly enough, professionals know you don’t treat everyone the same.

Our Quality Management System allows you to focus where you need to. In fact, we’ll help you identify those areas (as well as those areas where you are awesome!

Our priority is to help you build a better energy rating business.

A business that gives you a quality life.

Fill out this form to find out how we can help you!

The Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co., the professional Quality Management Organization for the energy rating industry.