Common Sense

Does your energy rating company want higher productivity and profitability?

How much time is wasted on the job site or in the office writing reports?

How much time is wasted complying with “regulations” that don’t make sense?

Or trying to figure out which software tool is going to give the best answer for this home?

Or dealing with “Providers” who tell you conflicting information?

BSI re-imagined the energy rating industry.

One without RESNET’s® structure of software providers.

And rating providers.

An energy rating industry business model based on common sense and proven international standards.

I know how their system works.

I chaired the old Technical Committee and SDC 300, the technical committee responsible for the first 2 editions of 301 and the first edition of 380.

I served on their Board of Directors, even on their Executive Committee.

I served on their Standards Management Board.

Before any of that, I served on the Training & Education Committee.

I’ve been a working Rater, managed and owned energy rating businesses, and worked as a QAD and a Trainer, both internally and as a contractor.

The whole time, I kept asking, “How can we make this system better?”

I interviewed industry folks.

I looked at other industries.

I wrote papers on our ideas, published them and distributed them widely.

I argued for better governance.

I fought for common sense.

At the end of my last term as a Board member, I knew I had to stop. The organizational resistance inside was too high.

I didn’t run for re-election.

I tried to get out of the industry.

But I couldn’t abandon my friends and clients.

After 3 1/2 years, we decided to build the system that delivers common sense quality management.

It took us 8 months to get it recognized by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR Home Certification Organization.

Our system of Quality Management is designed to generate improvements to your energy rating business.

That is the purpose of Quality Management.

Our clients grant us the authority to do what we do through our contracts. Contracts that explicitly state what our obligations are, what their obligations are, and what our joint obligations are.

Our Quality Management System is based on ISO standards.

As members of the American Society for Quality, the ANSI partner for Quality standards, we are the professional Quality Management Organization.

Our policies guide our processes which are based on our procedures.

This nested system eliminates waste and conflicting requirements.

We use probability statistics to determine how many projects get reviewed. This allows your business to scale. The more you do, the lower your costs.

We help you build a better business.

One that is more productive, one with higher profitability.

One that brings clarity out of the confusion.

Clarity for builders through the use of a single calculation engine, EnergyPlus developed and maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

That calculation engine faithfully implements the actual equations in Std 301.

The outputs meet the tighter acceptance criteria proposed by RESNET® for their software tools. Criteria they haven’t been able to implement yet…

A calculation engine that gets updated twice a year.

No more random updates that cause swings in the Index.

No more trying to explain to builders why.

No more trying to figure out which software tool to use on this house.

Our Quality Management System is designed to prevent people from making mistakes.

With advanced AI that performs over 300 data validation checks in real-time, and structured (and customizable) workflows, our system helps raters do a better job.

And do it faster.

Most of our clients experience up to 30 minutes saved because of this.

Our software lets them know if they’ve forgotten something.

It auto generates customizable reports for the builder and code officials.

It modifies the projected rating in real time based on field verifications.

No more wasted time shifting data from field inspections to rating.

No more opportunities for data to be “mishandled” accidentally.

These time savings alone are significant.

You may wonder, “But where does RESNET® fit in?”

In our system, they publish the ANSI standards for the energy rating industry. Standards that cover how the Energy Rating Index is calculated, and how certain tests are performed.

Outside of that, they don’t fit in our system.

They aren’t the regulatory body for the industry.

They appointed themselves to that role.

But that’s not how it works in the real world.

We don’t mind if you play in both systems.

It is our mission to help you build a better business.

Our one priority.

You are the hero in our world. Not us. We’re just here to help.

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For the first time in almost 30 years, you have a choice.

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