About Us​

Building Science Institute, Ltd. Co. is a Quality Management Organization designed from the ground up to bring professional quality management standards to the home energy rating system industry. Our policies, processes, and procedures use ISO 17020, 19011, and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 to bring professionalism to the energy rating industry.

Our clients are verification companies that perform code compliance, energy audits, Energy Rating Index (ERI) ratings, ENERGY STAR® and Zero Energy Ready Home certifications.

AFTER working with us, clients experience:

More time to do the work that matters (time savings of up to 60% that is currently wasted on unnecessary & low value work)

Peace of mind that your clients are served professionally

Confidence in employees:

  • they know what they are supposed to do
  • they know when they do what they are supposed to do
  • they know when they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do
  • they can change their behavior to do what they are supposed to

Save money on re-inspections due to missing information

Confidence & pride in knowing your work exceeds industry standards and meets professional standards


Level playing field based on DOE-developed software & professional quality management program

Collaboration to build a better company and industry that your clients can have confidence in

Team Members

Connor Dillon

Quality Manager

Sergei Shadrin Sison

Quality Assessment Designee

Tabetha Johnson

Quality Assessment Designee

Brett Dillon