Type C Verification Organization

  • Type C: A verification organization that provides first party verifications, second party verifications, or both, which forms an identifiable but not necessarily a separate part of an organization involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, use or maintenance of the items it inspects and which supplies verification services to the parent organization, other parties, or both, must meet the following requirements:
    • The verification organization must provide safeguards within the organization to ensure adequate segregation of responsibilities and accountabilities between verifications and other activities.
    • The design, manufacture, supply, installation, servicing, or maintenance and the verification of the same item carried out by a Type C organization must not be performed by the same person.
      • Verifications performed by Type C verification organizations are not considered third party verifications.
    • Example: An inspection division or company owned by a homebuilder that performs verifications on the homes built by the homebuilder and others is a Type C verification organization.