What if Almost Everything You Think You Know About the Energy Rating Industry is Wrong?

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Here are some busted myths.

We have to use RESNET®.

Actually, you don’t. The EPA has recognized us as an ENERGY STAR® Home Certification Organization that provides quality management oversight over that program. Which means you don’t need to use RESNET®.

We must have a RESNET® Provider.

Nope. When we re-imagined the energy rating industry based on our decades of experience, we looked at the root causes of inconsistency and unfair playing fields. The “Provider” structure that RESNET® has creates many of those inconsistencies. Different Software Providers create different tools that provide different outputs, while different Training Providers produce raters with varying degrees of competency. Then Rating Providers “enforce” the regulations differently…

So we eliminated the concept of Providers.

RESNET® is the regulatory body for the energy rating industry.

Nope. They call themselves the regulatory body, but regulatory bodies are either government agencies or groups appointed by government agencies to have authority over an industry (look it up on Wikipedia). RESNET® is NOT a government agency, nor have they been appointed by a government agency to regulate the energy rating industry. They appointed themselves.

The HERS™ Index measures the energy efficiency of a home.

Not really. The HERS™Index has zip all to do with energy consumption in the home. It is a measurement of energy loads relative to the energy loads of a home built to the 2006 energy code. That’s why the HERS™Index changes without correlating changes to the energy consumption.

Builders want lower HERS™ Index numbers.

Strangely enough, when we dig into this it turns out the builders actually want someone who will show up and identify defects in construction that lead to comfort complaints, deviations from their specifications, and they want that cat to show up early enough and often enough to make sure these things get fixed before the house is turned over to the buyer. The lower Index is allegedly used for marketing, but when we secret shop the sales offices…no one talks to us about it. No. One.

Some builders also want that same energy professional to help them figure out how to comply with energy codes at the lowest cost. And do the performance testing required by the code.

We could keep going on, but the real question is:

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